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Heavy rains the last couple of days means we will see high water on the tailwaters for the next week or two. Fishing in the Smokies is good to excellent though. That trend will continue as long as we keep getting rain. Brook trout fishing has been quite exceptional so far this year. Lower to mid elevation streams are still fishing well because of the increased flows due to the rainfall. Smallmouth bass streams on the Cumberland Plateau are a bit high but should be fishable again in the next few days.

Photo of the Month: Clinch River Memory

Photo of the Month: Clinch River Memory

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Poll

There is yet another poll...I'm wondering how many purists are out there... Do you use "junk" flies or not? Or maybe you don't agree with my definition of junk flies...if not, let me know where I went wrong...or let me know about the evils of using these flies...

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