Photo of the Month: Night at Timber Creek

Photo of the Month: Night at Timber Creek


If you are like me, you hate having gear that never gets used. Not that it isn't fun to have a bunch of fly rods in the closet, but gear was meant to be used. To that end, this page will feature used equipment that needs a new home. If you are interested in purchasing something you see here, please contact me via email at to discuss. Help me clean out the closet to make room for new gear and get a bargain in the process! I prefer to not deal with shipping as I generally don't have time to go to the Post Office during business hours. All prices are for local pickup only. I'm willing to work with you a bit on that location, so let me know when you contact me where you would want to meet to pick up your purchase. I'm glad to let you inspect items and even cast the rods before purchasing. 

For Sale, June 7, 2022

Like New Dakota Carry-on Rod and Reel Case, standard size, $100 OBO

I bought this for trips that would hopefully include some fly fishing. This rod and reel case will hold standard 9' 4 piece rods and several reels among other things. It has been used a couple of times, but overall still looks brand new. The only reason I'm selling this one is because I got a longer case to fit some of my 10' rods. This is an amazing case that holds a ton of gear. I usually throw in extra fly boxes, extra spools of tippet, leaders, rods, reels, spare spools, etc. A very nice piece of luggage!

Simms Fly Fishing Vest - $15 OBO

I picked this up used a few years back and intended to start using a vest again. That never happened. So, now someone else can get a steal on a really nice traditional fly fishing vest. If you've been contemplating going with a vest or want to upgrade your current one, this is an extremely well made vest. It is used but still in excellent shape. Size medium.

TFO Triangular Rod Case 9'0" 4 pc. MULTI - $40 

This is the multi case designed for up to 4 rods. It will fit 4 piece rods up to 9' long. You might want to pick this up with the TFO rod combo below. This is an excellent rod storage tube for traveling, I'm just using a rod/reel case instead these days so want this to get a good home. In excellent shape. 

TFO BVK 3 weight 8.0' 4 piece rod - $150 OBO

I have a Temple Fork Outfitters 8' 3 weight BVK rod for sale. It is barely used and you probably wouldn't even notice that it had been used. This is in the best shape of any of the rods I have for sale right now. I originally got this rod for fishing in the Smokies, but ended up with a couple of other rods that get more use so this needs a new home. The BVK is a very fast rod, so this is good for those who want something to high stick with. If that is your goal, check out the conversion kit below to turn this into a 10' nymphing rod. Rod sock included. 

TFO BVK 10' 3 weight Conversion Kit - $75 each OBO

This extension handle converts your 8' 3 weight BVK into a very nice 10' nymphing rod. In other words, for about the price of one rod, you can actually have two. Get this extension handle with the 8' 3 weight BVK above, and you'll have both a smaller stream rod and a bigger water rod. The length of this rod at 10' will help you reach across those currents in the mountain streams. The extension consists of two sections, a handle and one section above that. If you already have an 8' 3 weight BVK and want to turn it into a good high sticking rod, this is what you need. This was used a couple of times, so there is some slight discoloration on the handle and a small scratch or two, but overall this is barely used. Rod sock included.

Redington Hydrogen 10' 4 weight 4 piece rod - $125 each OBO

This is an excellent heavier nymphing rod and also does very well on bigger water. I have two of these rods and they have seen their share of big fish on the Clinch River and also on smaller water where I expect to catch monsters. The first place I fished these rods was on Hatchery Creek in Kentucky for some huge run up rainbow trout. They cast nicely both up close and also at distance for those midging tailwater fish. If you are chasing trophy brown trout in the Smokies, this rod has the backbone to fight those big fish. These rods got a fair amount of use on guide trips, especially on the Clinch River out of the drift boat, but they are still nearly flawless. Pictures are of just one of the rods, but they look almost identical right now. If you're needing a heavier nymphing rod with some reach, try these out.

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