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Fishing is good on the Clinch River right now and that is where I'm doing most of my guiding and fishing. The Smokies have been good as well. The Caney Fork is just now starting to offer some decent windows again so that is great news!

In the Smokies, the brown trout are wrapping up the spawn. Over the next few weeks, the opportunity to catch larger than average brown trout is definitely elevated. I like to throw nymphs or streamers right now and through the winter. Next spring should be good with hatches starting by the first of March and peaking by late April or early May. Spring is one of the best times to fish in the Smokies so start planning that trip now!

The Caney Fork is starting to offer some wade opportunities as well as some good schedules for half day floats. If you would like to get in a late season float or wade trip here, let me know as I have a few openings over the next few weeks.

This winter is looking like a good bet on the musky streams. We'll be out hunting the toothy critters in the near future so stay tuned for more on that!

Photo of the Month: Evening in the North Woods

Photo of the Month: Evening in the North Woods

Monday, October 31, 2011

Fall Is For...

...aggressive browns...


  1. beautiful fish. streamer?

  2. David, great-looking brown, way to go!


  3. David
    Did this awesome brown come from the Caney?

  4. Aaron,

    The top one actually ate a sow bug pattern while the bottom fish took an egg pattern.


    Those are actually two fish. The top one measured 20 inches and the bottom one was a 21 incher. They are from where you guessed...

    David Knapp



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