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Heavy rains recently means the Caney Fork River is back up. Streamer fishing will be decent to good, but this is not for everyone. Fishing in the Smokies continues to be excellent.

Wet years normally produce some fantastic fishing in the Smokies and this year is no different. No matter where we fish, it seems that the fishing is amazing this year. We have seen some nice brown trout, big rainbows, and lots of good sized brook trout this year.

Now we are getting into standard summer terrestrial fishing. Ants, inch worms, beetles, and even occasionally hoppers are all getting it done.

On the Caney Fork, flows should start coming down within a week or two. Once we start seeing low water again, the usual nymphs and midges should produce along with some terrestrials and even streamers.

Photo of the Month: Big Fish Gary at it Again

Photo of the Month: Big Fish Gary at it Again

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Sunset


  1. Awesome view that you've captured perfect.
    Have fun taking photos, tying flies and fly fishing,

  2. I forgot to ask something. The top picture on your blog, where is it taken? It makes my arm swing an imaginary fly rod in the sleep!!!
    Have fun,

  3. M.O., assuming you mean that blog header where I'm fishing around a boulder, the picture was on the Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon River in the Smoky Mountains (gorge section along trail to Ramsey Cascade). Definitely a beautiful piece of water with some excellent fishing to boot...



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