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Winter fishing is nearly upon us. Snow yesterday has given way to falling water temperatures in the Smokies. In general, fish will be hunkered down, although by tomorrow they should start to get more active again as temperatures warm. For the next three months, expect many more fish in the slower places in the Park. Think nymphs and maybe streamers but don't be surprised to find fish rising to blue-winged olives or midges on some days.

On tailwaters like the Clinch, brown trout and some fall spawn rainbows are doing their thing. This is a good time to review good ethics when it comes to spawning trout. Remember that these are the next generation of trout and the best thing you can do is to leave them alone. Avoid wading through spawning areas and don't fish for obvious spawners. For the foreseeable future, we should have high water thanks to big rains this last weekend. Fishing out of the drift boat will be very good through the winter with both nymphing and streamer fishing a distinct possibility. Want to swing for the fences and go for just one monster? Streamers will just get better and better going into January and February.

The Caney is slowly coming around. A few shad are coming through the dam, but lingering water quality problems are limiting the fishing. Winter streamer floats will produce shots at larger brown trout for anglers willing to work hard. Next spring should bring good fishing again.

Winter is our favorite time to get on the musky streams. In between bouts of high water, those will be fishing well for the next few months.

Photo of the Month: Big Fish Chuck Strikes Again

Photo of the Month: Big Fish Chuck Strikes Again

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Sunset


  1. Awesome view that you've captured perfect.
    Have fun taking photos, tying flies and fly fishing,

  2. I forgot to ask something. The top picture on your blog, where is it taken? It makes my arm swing an imaginary fly rod in the sleep!!!
    Have fun,

  3. M.O., assuming you mean that blog header where I'm fishing around a boulder, the picture was on the Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon River in the Smoky Mountains (gorge section along trail to Ramsey Cascade). Definitely a beautiful piece of water with some excellent fishing to boot...



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