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Fishing is good to excellent across the area. Caney Fork floats are happening either early or late, and in the Smokies we are fishing the high elevations to beat the heat.

Terrestrials are now a strong producer no matter where you fish. Beetle fishing has been good this summer. There are still fish ready to slam a beetle or hopper. In the mountains I prefer a beetle or ant while on the tailwaters I lean towards a hopper or beetle although ants work well there also. Hike in fishing on the brook trout streams is still good right now although flows are low enough that you need to focus on stealth.

On the Caney Fork, the great sight fishing opportunities of summer are in full gear. Daily midge fishing to big trout is a possibility. Night times can produce some exciting fishing on streamers or even mouse patterns. Just be careful out there when its dark. The river is unforgiving even in the daylight.

Smallmouth bass fishing has been good to great. Fish are looking up as usual for this time of year. When they don't want to hit flies on top, crawdad or baitfish patterns will work.

Photo of the Month: Night Time Hog

Photo of the Month: Night Time Hog

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter Sunset


  1. Awesome view that you've captured perfect.
    Have fun taking photos, tying flies and fly fishing,

  2. I forgot to ask something. The top picture on your blog, where is it taken? It makes my arm swing an imaginary fly rod in the sleep!!!
    Have fun,

  3. M.O., assuming you mean that blog header where I'm fishing around a boulder, the picture was on the Middle Prong of the Little Pigeon River in the Smoky Mountains (gorge section along trail to Ramsey Cascade). Definitely a beautiful piece of water with some excellent fishing to boot...



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