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UPDATE: 2/14/2016 Smokies Fly Fishing Report -- Cold and clear. That is what the water is like in the mountains right now. The weather gets interesting through the next couple of days with winter weather followed by rain followed by the potential for more winter weather. Frozen precipitation up high will keep a lid on water temperatures for now. Looking at the extended forecast, expect some stray bugs to show up with this next weekend with the warming trend forecast, but the main event spring hatches are still weeks away. The extended forecast is all over the place, but looks like a normal to late spring will probably happen here in the Smokies. Bugs should start to trickle off by early March and hatches will get heavier as we move through the month.

Caney Fork Fly Fishing Report: High flows are still happening and the rain forecast for the next two days won't help that situation. With luck, we may see flows start to come down in another couple of weeks but that will depend heavily on how much rain falls with this next system moving in. The cold months are streamer season for this river so contact me about a float trip if you want to enjoy this fishing at or call/text (931) 261-1884.

Cumberland Plateau Fishing Report: The musky streams are at a great level, just in time for another high water event. If this is starting to sound like a broken record, then you have been faithfully reading this fishing report for the last few months. Watch the flows, strategically pick your times, have the right patterns with plenty of movement, and you should find some musky.

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Photo of the Month: Fall Colors Revisited

Photo of the Month: Fall Colors Revisited

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Last Trout

Today I caught my last trout on the 2011-2012 Tennessee fishing license.  Until our state becomes enlightened and switches to a different system in which a license is good for a year from the purchase date, the end of February will continue to be time for a new license.  After the quick fishing excursion I stopped for a new license.

The fishing was not exactly as I planned.  Upon arriving at the lake, I discovered that a threatened drawdown of the lake level for some bridge repairs had already commenced.  The fish were not going to be in the expected places, but that just makes the game a little more interesting.  Exploring in a couple of new spots brought continued disappointment until just before time to leave.  As I was thinking about heading to the car, I spotted what looked like a rise ring.  Of course, all such things must be investigated.

On the first cast, a nice healthy rainbow nailed my small beadhead simi seal leech and gave the 3 weight I was using a good workout.  Pausing to appreciate the moment, I realized how tranquil the water was and enjoyed the reflection of the forest above.  For the rest of this week, I'll be tying and packing for the Everglades.  For real this more fishing until Florida...

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  1. Hey David. Used to fish in the Glades, but now that area is all retirement condo's. I don't know if this is any good any more, but I had the best luck with hoppers. Good luck.




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