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Fishing continues to be good to excellent in the Great Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee. Delayed harvest streams are also being stocked and fishing well in east Tennessee and western North Carolina.

In the Smokies, fall bugs are in full swing. We have been seeing blue-winged olives almost daily although they will hatch best on foul weather days. They are small, typically running anywhere from #20-#24 although a few larger ones have also shown up. A few Yellow Quills are still hanging on in the mid to high elevation brook trout water although not for long. October caddis (more properly, great autumn sedges) are hatching in good numbers now on the North Carolina side of the Park and just starting on the Tennessee side. Terrestrials still have a place in your fly box as well although they are definitely winding down for the year. Isonychia nymphs, caddis pupa, and BWO nymphs will get it done for your subsurface fishing. Have some October Caddis (#12) and parachute BWO patterns (#18-#22) for dry flies and you should be set. Brook trout are still eating smaller yellow dry flies as well. Not interested in matching the hatch? Then fish a Pheasant Tail nymph under a #14 Parachute Adams. That rig can catch fish year round in the Smokies.

Brook and brown trout are now moving into the open to spawn. During this time of year, please be extremely cautious about wading through gravel riffles and the tailouts of pools. If you step on the redd (nest), you will crush the eggs that comprise the next generation of fish. Please avoid fishing to actively spawning fish and let them do their thing in peace.

Our tailwaters are still cranking although the Caney is finally starting to come down. I'm hoping to get some type of a report for there soon. Stay tuned for more on that. Fishing will still be slow overall with limited numbers of fish in that particular river unfortunately.

The Clinch is featuring high water as they try to catch up on the fall draw down. All of the recent rainfall set them back in this process but flows are now going up to try and make up some of the time lost. It is still fishing reasonably well on high water although we are holding off for the low water of late fall and early winter as it is one of our favorite times to be on the river.

Smallmouth are about done for the year with the cooler weather we are now experiencing. Our thoughts will be turning to musky soon, however. Once we are done with guide trips for the year, we'll be spending more time chasing these monsters.

In the meantime, we still have a few open dates in November and one or two in October. Feel free to get in touch with me if you are interested in a guided trip. Thanks!

Photo of the Month: Fishing in Paradise

Photo of the Month: Fishing in Paradise

Monday, April 29, 2013

When You Get Lemons...

We all know the ridiculously overused finished to the above or something similar at least.  However, while visiting California this past weekend, I found something much better to do.  My great Aunt and Uncle have lots of fruit trees including oranges and lemons!  I discovered that guacamole is much better using fresh avocados straight off the tree and fresh squeezed lemon juice from lemons straight off the tree.  Amazing is all I can say!

While out there, I did find a somewhat hidden pond nearby as well as a stream that supposedly has some salmon runs.  If I return with more time on my hands I'll have to take a rod along and do some exploring.

Back home now, I'm ready to start fishing.  I may not get a good chance until closer to the weekend.  The weather guys are suggesting that more snow may be on the way.  Runoff will become a bigger problem very soon but I'll still find some fishable water close by I'm sure...

A road trip may be required soon.  My buddy Juan over at the Hopper Juan is reminding everyone that it is caddis time down on the Arkansas.  That is an event I have yet to experience so this might be the year I head that way...

I'm thinking more and more about the Salmonflies over on the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers so my post-school travels will likely take me to the West Slope.  Yep, the summer lies just ahead and things are looking up!!!


  1. Citrus almost as good a Florida, but avacados, Wow. We got them. Were you anywhere close when you were out here?

    1. Mark, I was down in Sacramento. Hope to make it out that way again sometime to see family but with a bit more time to spare. For all the times I have been in CA, I still haven't fished there...

  2. Hey David nice to hear you got away from the hustle and bustle of fly fishing. Let's go carp fishing!

    1. Howard, I'm down for some carp fishing! Hope you have some good spots scoped out because I don't even know where to start. I'm also thinking about tiger musky soon...ever chased those?

  3. Tiger Muskie sound like a lot fun. Such a Beautiful fish. What's up with all the late season snow!?!..90+ and roasting on the water out here for some time now. Our climate and weather patterns are changing. Last year we had Dorado, YT and other exotics as for north as my fishing grounds in North/Cen California and it wasn't an El Nino year. Boats in the shop and i'm stuck on land for another week.

    1. David, the weather has me puzzled too. When I was visiting in Sacramento this past weekend I got the scoop on the low snowpack in CA this year. I don't know what is going on. Hope you get the boat going again soon. Can't wait to read about more of your adventures out chasing striper and such...



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