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Fishing has slowed down in some places and heated up in others. Smallmouth bass fishing on the streams of the Cumberland Plateau has been good to excellent while the tailwaters have slowed down somewhat.

In the Smokies, streams are getting low and warm. Stick with mid and high elevation streams for now until we get some rain and cooler weather. Right now it looks like this will probably last until the end of the month although we do have some rain forecast next week. Let's hope that happens! A variety of bugs are working here, but lean heavily on your terrestrial box.

The Caney Fork in particular has been tough the last few days. A combination of factors has been hard on the river including striped bass which eat a tremendous number of trout. Overall fishing pressure has also contributed to tough fishing. Those fish have become educated!!! Think small on your midges and you should at least find a few trout.

The Clinch seems to be in the middle of the annual late summer drawdown of Norris Lake. High water will be the norm here for the next few weeks. If you don't have a boat, then don't bother.

Fall fishing is not far off. The Clinch should fish well unless we have a wet fall. Sometime between mid October and early November, we should see flows start to come down. The Smokies are my personal favorite for fall fishing. The fish will be hungry and maybe even looking up!

Photo of the Month: Guide Trip Fish of the Year? Maybe...

Photo of the Month: Guide Trip Fish of the Year? Maybe...

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Great Start

This is how to start a great day of fishing! My Smokies trip from a couple of weeks ago was a success.  The day got off to an amazing start with this sunrise!


  1. There is a fire in the sky! Time to get up.

    1. Mel, it was definitely time to get up. The only thing better would have been if I was able to see this sunrise while on the road.

  2. David
    The sunsets in the south has to be some of the best---I might be a little partial---thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, I'll agree with you on this one. I've seen some great ones though the years but we do get some of the better ones here in the south for sure!



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