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Fishing is good to excellent across the area. Recent rains have kept flows up in the Smokies, although it has also dumped too much water into the Caney Fork system.

Terrestrials are really coming on strong now. Ants and inchworms continue to get it done, and beetle fishing is very good now. Backcountry trips are excellent now and probably are the best way to enjoy a day of fishing during the hot months. Brook, rainbow, and brown trout are all available to those willing to walk.

The Caney Fork River continues to fish anywhere from average to good on high water streamer floats. Anyone who wants to target trout with streamers will find this to be exciting fishing. Stripers are now a distinct possibility as well. High water will stick around for at least a couple of weeks it appears due to the recent rains.

Cumberland Plateau smallmouth streams are rounding into fine shape now. Rain will bump flows up again, but in between the fish are hungry and willing to hammer a fly! See the recent blog post for more on that!

The calendar is full until the last week of July. If you want to get in on a guided trip, contact me soon as I've had to turn away a lot of trips from people who waited too long to book.

Photo of the Month: Pig Brown on the Caney

Photo of the Month: Pig Brown on the Caney

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Great Start

This is how to start a great day of fishing! My Smokies trip from a couple of weeks ago was a success.  The day got off to an amazing start with this sunrise!


  1. There is a fire in the sky! Time to get up.

    1. Mel, it was definitely time to get up. The only thing better would have been if I was able to see this sunrise while on the road.

  2. David
    The sunsets in the south has to be some of the best---I might be a little partial---thanks for sharing

    1. Bill, I'll agree with you on this one. I've seen some great ones though the years but we do get some of the better ones here in the south for sure!



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