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UPDATE: 6/16/2016 Smokies Fly Fishing Report -- Current Hatches: Blue-winged Olives, Sulfurs, Light Cahills, Pale Evening Duns, Isonychias (Slate Drake), Little Yellow and Little Green Stoneflies, Golden Stoneflies, Tan and Cinnamon Caddis, inch worms, beetles, and ants. Early and late is the best time to fish now with terrestrials becoming more important as a component of the trout's diet. Golden stonefly and Isonychia nymphs are fishing very well on Little River right now on cooler or higher water days. I recommend staying in the mid to high elevations right now for the rest of the summer except when we get a cool down or some rain. Both dry flies and nymphs are catching a lot of fish on the right streams. Beetle fishing for brook trout is currently very good and should stay excellent for a while. This is some of the most exciting fishing you can do in the Smokies. If you need to learn how to fish these streams and where to go, a guided trip with me can help you accomplish that!

Caney Fork Fly Fishing Report: The Caney Fork is fishing from good to excellent right now depending on the day. Flows are fairly consistent and they allow for both float or wade trips. Midge fishing is good to great but don't forget your nymphs and terrestrials either. Good for both numbers and a chance at some larger fish. Contact me about a float or wade trip if you want to enjoy this fishing at or call/text (931) 261-1884.

Clinch River Fishing Report: Watch for sulfurs and be prepared with nymph, emerger, and dun imitations if the fish are noticing them. So far the hatch has not been anything to write home about. When there aren't a lot of bugs on the water, stick with small nymph, emerger, and midge patterns and you should catch some nice trout.

Holston River: Fishing well with some nice fish being caught. The famed caddis hatch is on along with Sulfurs, midges, and craneflies. Caddis pupa and midge larva and pupa patterns are producing the best but don't forget your dry flies either. Last week, one evening after work, I stopped by for a couple of hours. The fish were very picky in the flat water I fished, but I did manage a very nice 18 inch rainbow trout on a dry fly. The fish ran me all over the river but in the end I got it in the net. Another smaller fish or two rounded out my evening. With the heat, the Holston will only fish well for a little longer and then it is best to give the trout there a break.

Cumberland Plateau Fishing Report: Smallmouth fishing is anywhere from fair to good depending on the day. Most of your fishing can be on the surface now. Watch the rainfall and flow gauges to make sure the streams aren't blown out by summer thunderstorms. Otherwise it is time to fish for smallmouth bass!

Photo of the Month: Midnight Pool

Photo of the Month: Midnight Pool

Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Project Ongoing

Things have been a little slow around here, but that is because I've been working on another project. This is a new site that will cover all things fly fishing here in Tennessee and feature my guiding as well. The current URL is a practice run, so it may change somewhat. Right now it is nowhere close to complete although I'm making progress. In the meantime, I would appreciate any and all feedback. You can visit the current site at I know there are lots of blank pages, but I'm working on getting them filled in. Right now I want them up so you get the general idea of how the layout of the site will work. So, what do you think? Is it easy to navigate? Does it look like it will contain useful information once I get the pages completed and more added? I intend to cover all major watersheds in the Smokies including tributaries, fishing techniques for the Park, Tennessee tailwaters, and warm water streams and techniques for those as well. I'm still debating whether or not to merge this site with Trout Zone Anglers and/or this site (the Trout Zone) although I kind of hate the idea of changing platforms for this blog after all of the years of hard work I have gone through.


  1. The new site looks great David. If it was me, I'd add The Trout Zone blog to the site and combine the new site with Trout Zone Anglers. It would save you a little time and energy.

  2. The site looks very sharp. I really like the clean look. I don't know much about the Word Press formats, and merging sites, but I think you would benefit from merging them. Just my opinion.

  3. I like the new site as well and think it makes sense to add your blog

  4. New site looks very nice!



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