Photo of the Month: Bycatch

About David Knapp

David Knapp grew up fishing middle and eastern Tennessee, especially the waters of the Great Smoky Mountains.  By the late '90s, he was delving into the tailwater game, learning the ins and outs of fishing midges and other bugs that are especially prevalent on rivers like the Caney Fork.  Starting in 2004, David has spent a considerable amount of time around the western United States, fishing in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.  In 2012, he moved to Colorado for a year and a half which allowed him to continue to gain additional skills and learn techniques from seasoned Rocky Mountain anglers. In January of 2014, David moved back home to begin a career as a fly fishing guide serving middle and East Tennessee. He has been a full time fly fishing guide ever since. In 2018, David received a MSED in Outdoor Education from Southern Adventist University This combined with his background in teaching has given David an abundance of tools as a fly fishing guide and instructor. He enjoys teaching fly fishing more than anything and prefers guide trips that focus on learning. If your goal is to grow as an angler in addition to catching fish, then you will enjoy a day on the water with David Knapp. Visit his guide site at Trout Zone Anglers

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