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High flows continue across the area but trends are definitely down. A recent cold snap broke the ongoing heatwave so fishing in the mountains has slowed dramatically. Right on schedule, some of our tailwaters should begin returning to more normal flows for this time of year meaning float trips are certainly possible.

For the Smokies, a warming trend should commence as we go into next week. By mid week the fishing should be decent before the next cold front returns us back to winter again. On warmer days, look for midges and possibly winter stoneflies hatching. Some blue-winged olives will be possible on foul weather days as we head towards February. The best fishing is still a few weeks out, but no longer feels like an eternity. Expect good spring hatches to start in late February or early March with blue quills and quill gordons along with little black caddis and early brown and black stones. By April, things will be settling down with the pinnacle of spring fishing usually happening from mid April through the month of May.

On our area tailwaters, high water continues to be the story. The Caney Fork still has at least a couple of weeks of high flows and that is assuming we don't get any more heavy rainfall. This time of year, that is asking a lot. The high water is good for one thing, however. Shad. Yes, the cold months are prime time to try and hit the famed shad kill and catch a monster brown trout. Same thing goes for the Clinch.

Speaking of the Clinch, the good news is that flows are scheduled to begin dropping tomorrow. A steady two generators will feel like low water after the recent period of two generators plus sluicing. Two generators opens up some nymphing possibilities in addition to our favorite winter pastime, stripping streamers for monsters.

The musky streams are settling into fine shape and will be an option moving forward as well. Remember that bouts of high water will get them stained or even muddy for a few days, but as flows come down the fishing should pick back up.

Photo of the Month: Starting the Year Off Right

Photo of the Month: Starting the Year Off Right

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Who Do You Want To Win The Superbowl Today?

The thought just occurred to me that I've seen a lot of interesting sentiment heading into Super Bowl XLIX. In fact, I can't remember the last time that so few people were not excited about the big game. Of course, when I say "So few people," I'm naturally referring to friends and people I speak with fairly regularly. I can only assume that there are some excited fans out there rooting for one team or the other.

That said, who are you rooting for this year? Let me know in the poll on the sidebar to the right just below the Trout Zone Newsletter form. Vote and also don't forget to explain your vote in the comments below. Thanks for voting! I didn't watch much of the game but the 4th quarter was pretty interesting at least!


  1. If Denver isn't in it, who cares?

    1. Howard, it was a sad day when Denver lost. Maybe next year!

  2. Patriots, so that Brady ties for most SB wins by a QB. I also can't stand Pete Carroll

    1. Well, there ya go! I can't say that I like either team but at least it was a good game.



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